Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Callahan - JV

Another year, another tryout, and another team. Callahan has moved on up to the JV team at Copper Hills High School. He's SO excited to get playing again, and I love watching him play. So far they have had some pre-season play, the Elite8 Tournament, and a tournament in Orlando, Florida (in which they took first place!) It's almost time for the real season to start up ...

Here a link to the SCHEDULE and so I don't overwhelm the family Facebook, I set up an alternate account just for basketball stuff. JenB-BasketballMom. As the kids aren't really using FB anymore themselves, I also set up "Basketball Mom" accounts for Instagram and Twitter ... of course, now they are using SnapChat, right?  I'll be making muvees of every game I get to, and adding them to the YouTube Playlist Callahan-JV and posting links to the aforementioned social media.

Go Grizzlies!