Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dimple Dell Summer Superleague

Summer Superleague ...
 new uniforms and a name change, the boys are now NITROUS ...

Rowland is taking the summer off, we're not sure if he'll be back. Ben (from Callahan's CopperHills team) and Bryson have joined the team. There are several of the same teams from Spring season, some teams are taking the summer off, and others will be a new challenge to face. All the games this season will be played at the Dimple Dell Rec center.  You can see the schedule and standings HERE and I'll try to keep this blog updated with game recaps and videos ...

  • Game 1. Nitrous vs Thunder (WIN) 52-47. The other team took the lead for the first half, but our boys came back in the third and held it to the end for the win. Video highlights HERE.
  • Game 2. Nitrous vs Hurricanes (WIN) 54-32. This will probably be our easiest game this season ... our boys came out strong from the start, although the other team did come back just enough to make things a little nervous. Video highlights HERE.
  • Game 3. Nitrous vs Pump N Run (WIN) 56-35. I was expecting a tougher game today. We had barely beaten this team for the championship in Spring, and they were having a rough start to the season (having to face the two hardest teams right off the bat). I figured they were ready for a win and a rematch. Unfortunately (for them) quite a few of their teammates were missing today ... they only had five players, which does put you at a disadvantage. We were actually listed first (as home team) but they went ahead and changed their red jerseys to white (... one of their players simply had a white t-shirt, so I think that influenced that, but we prefer being all red anyway). It was a good game, the lead shifted several times and at the end of each quarter, there were only a few points separating the two teams... until the fourth, when our boys were able to pull ahead for the win. Highlights HERE
  • Game 4. Nitrous vs Utah Dynasty (WIN) 59-46. We were missing Mason and Stockton, luckily this was one of the teams we could still handle without them. We'd played them twice before (although the second time we faced them in Spring season they really gave us a challenge).  Highlights HERE
  • Game 5. Nitrous vs Shoot the Three (Loss) 45-47. SO close! It was pretty even for most of the game, with the lead shifting several times. The other team did come on strong in the fourth quarter, and even with a three point buzzer beater at the end we were still down two as the clock ran out. Callahan did make an incredible steal and half court shot at the end of the third quarter that we'll all remember though! We were missing Luis ... Highlights HERE.
  • Game 6. Nitrous vs Swoosh (Loss) 29-36. No video highlights as I wasn't at this game (I was off seeing "Wicked" with Hubby for our anniversary). Callahan said it was just an "off" game, no one seemed able to score (he only got three points).  Still missing Luis.
So that concludes the summer season. It was a good one ... the top team (Elite Eight) was too good for this league (they should have played in the upper division), they demolished everyone (we never played them but I'm sure we would have met the same fate as the others), and the bottom team (Hurricanes) was a little out of their league getting beat every game. But the remaining six teams were pretty evenly matched. Any game could have easily gone the other way. It's good when you go in, not KNOWING who is going to win.

The championship was finally updated on the website ... we aren't sure WHAT happened. Originally, in the 2nd game, it had been posted that Elite Eight had won, but then that changed and it was Pump that moved on. Swoosh (the team that knocked us out of the tournament) ended up the winners.

Here's the stats from the season ...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colton's Spring Soccer 2012

Gavin, Bradley, Randon, Ivan, Colton
Brandon, Giana, Mia, Peter, Joey 
(Not pictured: Bryce, Luigi)

Spring Soccer! I had signed up Colton with his buddies Bradley and Randon with Gene Fullmer as we had done last Fall and last Spring. I ended up coaching again as well. We had a great season, undefeated (one game was a tie) ...

Dallen, Macey, Addison, Kenyon, Carson, Coach Parry, Spencer, Charlie, Colton

Colton also ended up taking Cooper's spot in the West Jordan Youth Soccer League (as Cooper was signed up but refused to play). I had originally planned on just having Colton play on Cooper's team, but the league said he was a little too young. They did say there was a spot on a U6 team (which had several younger siblings from Cooper's U8 team) so we did that. They too were undefeated!

As I wasn't coaching Colton's green team, I got video of all the games and made two Muvees. The first one is of the first game, the second is ALL the remaining games compiled into one! Being coach of the red team, I was one the field most of the time, but I did have the assistant coach take over a game so I could get video, so I do have one muvee from my team too!

Green Gators Game #1
Games #2-7 Green Gater Goals!
Red Rockets, Game 3